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Camera overlay focus

Is there any way to improve the focus of the camera when doing an overlay capture?  It is extremely blurry. I have tried cleaning the lense, switching from black and white to color, fade and no fade, differently lighting etc. but the image captured is pretty bad.  I have recalibrated the camera multiple times and it makes little to know difference.  I haven’t used the camera in the last six months or so but if memory serves me the images used to be much sharper. Maybe I’m missing something.




HI Mark,

Can you provide a screen capture of the overlay?

What O/S are you using?

Is your camera listed as ‘E2 Camera’ or ‘PC Camera’?

Have you tried the new ‘Fisheye’ option in LightBurn 9.01 when calibrating?

Hi Domenic,

I’m using Windows 10. The camera is listed as PC Camera.  Yes I used the Fisheye option as well as the standard option with the same results.

The attached pictures were using fade off and on.



Hi Mark,

I have created a support ticket for this.

We will be able to update your camera which should resolve your issue.


Hi Domenic,

Address and contact number sent via last email.

Thank you and once again fantastic customer support and service.