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Camera Calibration.

Hi, Just set up the core with lightburn software. All works except the calibration of camera.

I have watched the video about 4 times and try to follow instructions BUT,

When I click on “Calibrate camera lense” The head moves to position 150, 500 (Half way down the bed and to the right side)

This then restricts the view to be able to position the calibration card. Each position suggested by the software is only about 150mm across and 150 mm deep. If I try to move the carriage out of the way the calibration process window has control and all other windows are not enabled.

Is this normal  or a fault in my process or the software.


Hi John,

When you are positioning the card, it is more about where the card appears to the camera than where it is inside the workspace.

The camera calibration doesn’t care where you have positioned the calibration card within the workspace as long as the resulting view roughly matches the helper images you are shown during the calibration process.

I hope that makes sense.