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Camera alignment with different material thickness

I have been trying to fine tune the camera alignment since the latest update, and have been pretty successful on thin card. When I then test the alignment on thicker material, the cut then shifts below what is shown in the capture image. I assume this is because of the angle that the camera is pointed down on the workspace?
Is there some way to tell the software prior to updating the capture what material thickness you are working with to make the alignment accurate for all material thicknesses? Or am I doing something wrong during the camera setup (would not holding the card perpendicular to the camera cause the issue I have been experiencing?)
I look forward to peoples thoughts.
Cheers, Sandy

I had the same issue when the camera was finally supported (original EM2 owner) and gave up using it. Anything other then a sheet a paper it was so far off it was useless. With the latest software update the camera cal was redone and its been on my to do list to recalibreate and try again, but it sounds like the same issue still occurs. Maybe I’ll have to bit the bullet and buy Lightburn’s camera and attach to the lid like the CO2 users are doing.

Hi Sandy,

You are correct that the material thickness plays a part in the accuracy of the camera alignment.

At this time, the ‘Camera Alignment’ needs to be performed at the height of your material for best accuracy.

LightBurn are working on implementing a compensation for the material thickness. This is a much needed addition and we will advise once it has been implemented.