Camera Alignment issues

Hi all,

I have been trying for days to do the alignment on my camera after calibrating my E2 camera and it wont for the life of me burn in the sample image into any material i put on the bed.

I’ve tried cardstock, MDF, paper… nothing! Ive played around with the speed & power and nothing burns into any of the material I am using. Im at an absolute loss as to what to do next to get this to work. I would prefer to do it to 3mm MDF as i will be using a lot of it.
Can anyone shed some light onto why this wont burn? I tried lowering the speed and max power (100%) I get no burn.
Below is a screenshot of my settings

Hi Renee,

Can you please confirm whether you are able to achieve cutting/engraving outside of the Camera Alignment wizard? For example, during a job or Focus Calibration.

I am able to engrave outside of the camera alignment wizard that’s why I’m so confused :confused:

Hi Renee,

Thanks for confirming that.

I’d like to create a support ticket so that we can look into this further - can you please email with a link to this post or “Community Post 2047”.