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Calibration in Lightburn

Hi all,

I have just upgraded from laserweb to lightburn.  I thought i should do a calibration test after the firmware upgrade - is there a way to run this in Lightburn?




Just found what i was after in the Emblaser 2 menu!



However the calibration is not really intuitive. It can become mixed up with the settings of the support thickness. 

Maybe you should clatify this process. Especially for the ones not able to use the silicone mats. These are not useful when you have to cut paper and thus are using magnets.



Hi Jan, I don’t understand what you mean by calibration not being intuitive. I clean my lens every day before I start using the machine and I also run the calibration job to ensure the air assist nozzle is reseated correctly. I find the process very easy to use and much simpler than the Laserweb alternative.

I have cut paper on top of the silicone mats without any problem. I use some lead weights positioned appropriately which holds the paper in place without any distortion. I have also used some of those slide on plastic paper binding strips on 2 edges which helps the paper keep flat. Personally I wouldn’t cut on the Emblaser base without using another piece of metal on top but then that may be what you have.


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the calibration file seems to be designed for using the cutting mats. I can not use it properly without them. And additionally the calibration process maybe altered by the current setting in the support thickness box.

My calibration would have required a setting of -2 which is not possible because the setting does not accept negative numbers. Now I am using +8 which adds up to just the mat height. However I had to figure it out by hand.


Calibration is done with fixed GCode from Darkly - it does not use the values set for material height, so there’s no issue there. The process explicitly states to use the cutting mats. It would be possible I suppose to have an option for that, but given that it takes about 5 seconds to place the mats, that seems overkill.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the headsup. So I was right.