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Calibration cutting not working

I genuinely can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Using the calibration file, the laser is enabled, running the job, I’m not looking at the laser as it does it’s thing because it hurts my eyes if I do but when I glance at it I can see it has made a minor impression but when the job finishes the piece of white paper is 100% untouched.


I have air assist and I installed it correctly as far as I can tell. I tried using an offset of 5mm… 10mm… 25… 35… Didn’t seem to make a difference at all (I know those numbers seem insane, they seem insane to me because with those offset numbers it should be VERY obviously moving up or down by one or two centimeters but it’s not.  I thought that at 0mm offset it was supposed to show something but yeah, I kinda really need help.


edit: Also, followed the E2 user manual, predefined profile = emblaser 2, I have the silicone mats in place… Not sure what else I need to say.

edit 2: I think I found the problem (I definitely found the problem I mean) the laser Z axis is no longer connected to the pulley system. It most likely came loose during transport because I know everything was good on leaving your place but things felt loose as soon as I touched it which I just assumed was standard “it’s not plugged in” looseness.

edit 3: Flashlight + long nose pliers + VERY delicate hand I got everything back in place. Calibrate cut done. Looking to get more done.

Hi Michael,

Nice detective work. I will pass this onto our assembly team.

The machine would not have passed it’s QA test without any axis unplugged, so dislodgement during shipping could be the culprit.

Enjoy your projects!

So I am in the same boat with my emblaser 2 that just arrived. I was doing the calibration test and getting lines the same width. Now i realise that the pulley system is not attached to the head. Any further tips on how you got it back into place? I’m probably just being way too gentle at the moment.

Hi Cut_it_out,

Can you please raise a support ticket for this.

I will have the team address this and get you going as easily as possible.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have it attached now. I had to lift the head up halfway so that I had enough slack to move it into place. Reran the calibration and it looks miles better. XD