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CAD Software - What is favoured


I have ordered my Emblaser 2 - due next week. Before it arrives I have been reading all the posts on the Community. What a helpful group of folk you all are.

My interest is in creating clocks, jewellry, children’s toys, art (undefined sure to be sorted later), hubby wants to run gears sprockets etc in addition to his 3d printer. We also have a CNC machine - not so great for insy things. 

Software we currently have is the Vectric Cut 2d and the Serif DX8 program. Husband uses Sketchup and a gear program. Serif DX8 is now being upgraded to Affinity. 

What is the favoured drawing/CAD program for you?  We are thinking of getting a free one. Draftsight was one we looked at.

Thank you in advance



One of the more flexible programs “out there” in the free world is Inkscape. It’s multi-platform (Windows, OSX and Linux) and has a ton(ne) of resources. Many third-party extensions exist making the program useful not only for creating laser cutting and engraving projects, but also valuable for 3D printing and model creation.

Thank you Fred. Per your recommendation I am downloading Inkscape now.

I had thought it was for folk doing modelling. So hadn’t considered it before.

Looks like I am in for a bit of fun today.