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CAD files for A3 E1 Chassis

Does anyone have the CAD files for the chassis parts of the A3 E1? 

One of the recent storms managed to knock over my E1 and cracked acrylic chassis parts. I thought it might also be the ideal time to do some other upgrades I’ve been pondering. So I was hoping to get the files for the top and bottom to recut the parts accurately. 

I searched for files on the site but can only find the 3D printed parts and with the exception of one clip all these survived. I’ve sent an email to Darkly Labs last week but there hasn’t been even a peep out of them.

Has anyone sourced these previously or have any suggestions other than an inaccurate reverse engineer with a ruler?

Hi Simon,

We do not provide the CAD files for the chassis parts.

I will contact you directly to organise an alternative.