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C2D - Where do i found my licence code

I need the code for a new installation under window 10

Log into the Vectric Portal   -  Search Vectric Portal in your search engine.

If you have not registered with the Vectric software portal, then you will need to contact them directly with your details (support@vectric.com)

We do not retain licensing information since this is all handled by Vectric for their software.




I am having trouble finding my licence key for Lightburn.  Did it come as an email or a pdf attachment?

I had a look at the Vectric site and asked …

An email just came from Charlie Pullen explaining they develop Cut2D, not Lightburn, so I should talk to Darkley Labs …

Apart from keep on searching while I use the trial version, what now, please?



Michael, Vectric and Lightburn are entirely different companies and the Darkly Labs Help Desk page has different forums for different topics and software. You’ve posted a question about Lightburn (which has it’s own forum) in the Vectric forum.

That said … Lightburn should have sent you an email with your licence key shortly after you bought their software. Lightburn also has a very active and helpful Facebook support group/page.