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C2D text problems

Hi all. I am having trouble with the Edwardian script font in the cut2d. When I calculate out a word with the letter I in it only the dot ontop of the letter is traced out, not the whole letter. It was working fine, just recently has this been happening. Obviously I did something to make this happen but have no idea what or how to fix this.


Here’s a picture 

I had exact same problem…

it seems that fancy text like this - the letters touch… my fix was to select the text - and press the ‘convert to curves’ button - and then un select the text (so it goes black) then use the snip tool and zoom in…


sometimes after converting to curves - it lets you just press join vectors… but the results can vary…


hope this might help a little??

strangely - it was always the ‘I’s’ for mine too haha

I can’t find the Edwardian font on my list, but whenever this has happenned to me its always due to an open vector.

I had some spare time while waiting for a plumber so had a bit of a play. I downloaded and  installed a .ttl file for Edwardian font, and when I calculated the raster fill mine looks  even worse than yours!:

I did as Josh suggested, hit the ‘convert to curves’ button, which ungroups the script into its individual letters:

Then deselected them all by clicking on somewhere else, then with the shift key held down clicked on each of the vectors that are touching each other, avoiding the ones that are free standing such as the dots above the 'i’s, the centre of the ‘o’ and all of the ‘D’. Then select ‘weld selected vectors’ and you should get this:

now select all vectors and calculate:

The little blob inside the ‘o’ where the ‘n’ comes off of it looks a little clumsy, maybe it needs an ellipse added to hollow it out, I don’t know.