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C2D multiple tool paths

hello all,

i have an emblaser 1 with vectric 8.024. i am interested in building a paper model kit which come as a pdf file. most of the parts have lines and shapes inside the perimeter of the part. these are guide marks for gluing other parts to it. is there a way i can ‘tell’ the software to cut at one setting (speed, power, passes) the outline, while only ‘scoring’, at another. i apologize if i am not being clear. i suppose what i am asking is, does vectric allow toolpaths with different setting within the same job? if this question has been answered before then could you please point me in the right direction. i will also post this on the vectric forum.

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Hi Amit,

You can create as many tool paths as you like and each can have their own settings and be associated with specific vector paths.

This is exactly how you do what you are describing.

hi domenic,

thank you for your prompt reply! is there a step by step tutorial for the process of setting up a multi toolpath job? if you know of such a tutorial, a link to would be highly appreciated



Hi Amit,

Not sure if its suitable for what you need, but my method for assigning different settings for various paths is to use the layer function.

Not sure if there is a more sensible way but if you select all the toolpaths that you want to do say a light scoring cut on, create a layer called ‘scoring’ or whatever and move them into there. Then the remaining ones that require a full cut will be in the original layer.

Select the ‘scoring’ layer and assign the laser settings for that job and run it. Then select the other layer, modify the laser settings and run that job.

Like I said, there may be a more sensible way of doing it, (if so someone will let you know!), plus this relies on you having the ability to select individual toolpaths in the file, which might be quite tedious if there are many of them. 

Hope this helps and that I’ve understood what you were asking!

Chris J.

I use the layers. One appropriately named layer for each toolpath operation. Assign all the different toolpaths and arrange the layers in the order you want them to be done . When you save the file check the box that says output all layers to one file and the laser will work through the different layers with their different path operations.

Here’s a picture I made to help explain this process. It’s from a post in the archives.

Amit, I cut many projects similar to what you want to do. My process is to have all the slightly etched lines on the top layer, I named Etch - they will be done first. Next layer down I call 1cut. It cuts after the first layer is completed. It has all the smaller cutouts that are inside larger shapes. I continue with as many layers as I think I need to get things etched and cut in the order I want. The last (bottom) layer will be the final outside cuts

jared & chris,

thank you guys so much for your help!!

i will follow your instructions right away!

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Make sure you select or change to the appropriate layer (in the layer menu) before changing toolpaths for each operation and save each layer before working on toolpaths for the next layer.

thank you jared for your help. i did a test and it came out exactly as i had hoped!