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Burned patch in lens

Have a look at my lens :frowning:
I’m disappointed to be needing to buy a new one already.

I was getting inconsistent cuts today - it went downhill quite rapidly
I was doing long cuts in ply - 1 and 2 hours per job. So maybe something got hot?

Anyway, it got to the point where the laser wouldn’t even mark white copy paper to do the calibration file.

Pulled the thing apart and found this burnt spot between the layers of the lens. This is documented by other users here: https://darklylabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002478472-Lens-burn

Everything else was super clean inside, and I am always cleaning the outside of the lens between jobs.

Can’t do anything about this as it’s burnt between the laminated lens layers.

I think you should all pull yours apart and see if this is happening to you!


Hi Tom,

Don’t buy a new one. Message, or even better, call Darkly Labs. This is a common probably they had with some of the early E2s they have incredible customer service and will get you back up and running tomorrow. This happened to me late last year and after calling Domenic they had a spare in my hand within 24 hours.


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Thanks Jeremy, I’ll put in a support request and see how I go.
Regards, Tom.

Great service again from Darkly Labs
It is a warranty replacement issue

So glad I bought locally and don’t have to sort this stuff out through eBay or China direct.