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Burn spot in lens :(

Was making some brackets to hold solar lights around pool fence which was going super well and got a few done

but then cuts stopped penetrating 3mm MDF like usual.

Slowed the cutting down heaps and still no luck so went to recalibrate and barely marking paper. Time for a deep clean I thought. But and as soon as I saw lens… Oh No! Dreaded lens burn. no wonder not cutting anymore.

Upon closer inspection, also noticed quite a few artefacts near the outer margin of lens too.

worst thing is, is’s a rainy day and cant muck about on laser today.

Nice project. I suspect you have already contacted Darkly labs through a support ticket or email? The’ll likely send out a new lens to you the same day. I think the new (single-piece) lenses are in circulation now too.

Thanks Jeremy yes have contacted them, their service is always too notch. Good to hear sinlge piece lenses are about, was surprised how quick this one stopped working. Was blazing through mdf as normal then nothing. Can’t wait to get amblasering again

What software did you design the brackets with?
I only use Illustrator and when I am trying to imagine how the 3d object is going to come together it makes my head spin.

(I like the look of Slicer For Fusion to cut up already existing 3d models into 2d pieces)

Tom B I drew it up in CorelDraw. First drew post and light with true dimension, one to one,  then drew a bracket and just adjusted the shape of the bracket until I liked the look of it.

Made the round shape with square just enough o go over post and then added the corresponding notches with 3mm size all round to match the 3mm MDF.

Went together all nice and tight with some pva glue
. Once dry sprayed with grey primer then gloss black spray paint. Looks just like the pool fence.

as and added benefit, purely by luck. is that the lights can be taken off fence and sit on tables in their nice light bracket.

I cant do 3D stuff, tried learning fusion 360, and still getting there but simple 2D drawings are way quicker for me.