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Hi everyone,

Thought I might show these off. I originally bought the emblaser after walking around some markets with my girlfriend and thinking, “I could make those.”

Anyway, fast forward a couple of months and I had made some.

I’ve actually been approached by a gallery here in WA to perhaps sell some through them after the other half was wearing one in there.

This batch are all being taken to the gallery tomorrow to see how we go with selling them.

Hi Nic,
Looks like your images wern’t attached

Oh yeah, my bad. I got distracted and forgot to come back to it. Ha ha, whoops!

Anyway, yeah, these are some of the brooches annd things I’ve been making with the Emblaser. I managed to make my first sale on the weekend to a gallery - 17 brooches. I’ve got a market type opportunity coming up this weekend, so hopefully will go a ways to clearing out the rest of the stock plus all the extras I’m (trying) to cut.

The backing cards are printed on the normal printer but cut out with the Emblaser too.


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Oh, VERY nice!

Excellent work.

Thanks guys, pretty happy with how they’ve come out.

They look great…love your work.

Thanks Daryl!

We’ve been busy over the weekend, the numbat and wren brooches have been amazingly popular.

This is the latest design; this one was actually designed by my girlfriend.


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Ahh… I see the beginning of a production line happening there!

Well done, the quality looks great.

Yep, our poor little emblaser has barely had a chance to rest! Ha ha.

these look great, congrats