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Bristol T188 paper model - 1/33 scale

took over a year but finally finished the bristol t188, a british experimental jet from the early 60’s. i saw the original at raf cosford. the kit is freely available in downloadable form at kartononbau.de. my main goal was to see if it was possible to cut a model entirely on my emblaser 1. also wanted to find out if scoring the panel lines and rivets were possible. before cutting, i spent several weeks removing all the color, thinning the lines and laboriously removing 2/3 of the approximately 11,000 rivets!  the kit comes as a vector file which made the task easier. another goal was to test alclad stainless steel paint on a paper model. i added some scratch-built details to the cockpit and the landing gears. finally, i wanted to add making my own decals to the learning process. overall i am fairly happy with the experiment though at close inspection there are flaws that make me cringe! 

That is absolutely spectacular attention to detail.

When you say this took over a year, I can absolutely see why.

Well done and thank you for sharing this project.

Truly an amazing piece of work. Something to be proud of. Thanks for sharing

thank you domenic and graham! domenic, it’s your machine that made it possible!

That is a beautiful piece of work, well done. 




Absolutely STUNNING WORK!! I build plastic scale models and know how hard it is to get a NMF, this is just STUNNING! 

thank you all for the kind comments! i thought i was done with this model and thread! hope everyone is safe and sound. moved to a new city last july and only in december i was able to set up my ‘workshop’ again. only now, ironically because of the pandemic i am getting back to model-building again. take care.