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I’m already having this discussion with Domenic from Darkly Labs but thought it may help to call on the collective knowledge of fellow users.

I’m using the Emblaser 2 with the latest firmware (as of 23/2/18), LightBurn software, air assist (silicon) & fume filtration add on unit. Optics have been deep cleaned & a calibration test has been done successfully.

Last year I was able to cut black Perspex as well as 3mm & 6mm mdf. The trouble seemed to start after I was cutting a lot of 6mm mdf for a project I was working on. The machine has slowly seemed to lose power since then, even after the deep clean & purchasing the silicon air assist nozzle thing. 

After running the calibration test & checking it was fine I tried to cut 3mm red Perspex the other day. It cut the Perspex cover paper okay but only made a cut of approximately less than half a millimetre into the Perspex.



Hi Patrick,
How is the lens? No black spots appearing in the centre?
After purchasing and using the silicon air assist for a while I moved back to the original air assist (with the second generation brass nozzle with the larger aperture) as I found it was more reliable.
I have never attempted to cut MDF or perspex to n the E2 so can’t compare there. How does black perspex cut? Maybe red doesn’t cut as well?
As long as I regularly maintain my machine I am getting consistent cuts. I clean my lens using isopropyl alcohol from Bunnings squirted onto the end of the lens pen. I found this to be more effective and economical than the lens wipes.

Last time I cut red 3mm acrylic my settings were
100% 150mm 4 passes

I have had no luck cutting all the way through black acrylic ever which is one of the reasons I got the E2. Now I have the new single piece lens, I will give it another go and see if I can get some settings for you.