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Box Maker

Here is a handy online tool for making laser cuttable boxes.

BoxMaker: Link


Enter your information and it creates a vector PDF for you to import into Cut2D-Laser.



Here’s another one, with a lot more variety and options:

There was an even better generator I found a few weeks ago that could even generate things like stairs. (there were about 50 or so items that could be made.) It was a german site, I think, and I don’t know why I didn’t bookmark it, but I can’t find it now :frowning:
The website itself looked terrible, but the tool was great!
A shiny penny to anyone who can tell me the URL!

Here’s another set of shape template (not a generator, but still useful/fun):


Those links are great. Perfect for Christmas!

From Jane Jones:

German Box making site


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That’s it! Thank you!
Jane you rock!

As promised, here is your penny:

Be sure to wear your safety goggle if laser cutting this penny onto something shiny, and don’t spend it all in one place :wink:

I posted that soooo long ago.  Just saw your response now!  Unfortunately the link no longer works so I missed my shiney penny :frowning:


For the inkscape users among us, there’s the Inkscape extension, tabbed box maker:



a little quirky, but otherwise works well.

Another nice box maker here: http://jeromeleary.com/laser/

Yes another box maker:


This one has some very interesting options for trays, shelves and other cool things.

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Nice finds everyone.

Thanks for sharing!

I have had problems with the .svg files created at http://www.festi.info/boxes.py/
Laserweb seems to cut each line twice… and there’s no sign of any issues when viewing or editing the file in Illustrator…

I’d be interested to know how others find it.

Hey Tom,

I know what you mean. That’s a pretty common issue with svg or dxf files that I’ve found online.
There are 2 issues that are causing this to happen.

The first issue is that Cut2D (for some mind-bogglingly stupid reason) won’t cut a single line as it is. It will always close a path automatically by joining the 2 endpoints together. That feature makes sense when trying to do Fill operations, but why it does it for Cuts I have no idea.

The second issue is that the vertices/points in the generated file are not actually connected as one continuous path. They’re all separate paths.
So, combining these 2 issues leads Cut2D to treat all those individual line parts as shapes that need to be closed. That’s what you’re seeing. It’s not just cutting each line twice, it’s actually creating extra lines and cutting those.

The solution is to open up the file in Illustrator, select each shape, right click and “Release Compound Path”, then right-click and select “Join”.
If you’re lucky, Illustrator will connect all the points that are touching and it will then work as expected.
If you’re not lucky (Illustrator doesn’t always get it right) it will create extra, unwanted lines. You’ll have to go around the shape, manually select and Join the points until you get the shape you’re looking for.

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Thank you Eoin, Great info! I’ll give it another try.

My favourite out of all these sites is actually the “donate to use” German site:  boxdesigner.frag-den-spatz.de
No problem with those files.