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Bottle openers (Moly Spray)

Since the moly spray method was working out so well, I started knocking out quickie Christmas gifts for random folks who stop by.  I saw this graphic back in college 20 years ago and it has always make me laugh (and quietly reflect too).  Each one took 20 mins to mark at 1000mm/min, 100% power, defocused height setting, 0.15mm spacing with cross hatching. 

Noticed that I’ve got the wiggles again in the x-axis.  It is a problem seems to come and go. Vibration from the air assist was the original focus when I was trying to figure it out, but I didn’t use it on this job and each opener was run by itself.  It is small enough that when cutting, it gets lost in the kerf, but when engraving jumps out at you. Happens most often on anodized aluminum, back of mirrors, etc.   Materials that don’t burn so the engraving is exactly as the laser beam is doing.