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Blazing some Mustard on some Metal

I wanted to follow up on a previous post about using Mustard Etching.

My Dad wanted to sell some Zippos etched with the owners Army details.

So I bought some business card holders from Office Works as a test, got my Dad’s details and set about etching some info.

Unlike some others, I didn’t use some Grey Poupon I used some more basic Heinz Hot English mustard.

I used a paint sponge to smear a fairly thin layer of mustard on the metal, and used a 5mm/s 100% setting and here is a result after two passes. It’s not as thick as the un-washed bits in the below photo.

I also made sure that air-assist was off to make sure the mustard didn’t dry out from the air-blast.

And, after two passes, making to sure to keep the item stationary when applying the second smear (by blu-tac-ing it to a piece of wood).

And here is the result.



Must Try!