Birthday “card”

I made this for my grandson’s birthday - almost 400 pieces, some of which I altered or embellished.


EDIT: I forgot to add that I bought the pattern from


That is some great attention to detail, especially with all the painting.

I think you deserve the “Best Grandmother on Earth” award!

Haha, hope he likes it - I won’t see him until Xmas. His mother will probably say “ now where the hell will we store THAT? :crazy_face:

Well, I’m very impressed!

Thank you Michael. It took me ages to finish it and I was sick of it by the end, but glad that I stuck it out. I am sure he will appreciate it.

Elayne, That is amazing, such detail :star_struck:, You always produce incredible works of art :100: :brown_heart:

Thank you, Stuart - it was satisfying to see it grow and even better when I had finished it!