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Better air filtration

I bought the EM2 air filter, but its still quite smokey, is there a better solution?

I want to use the em2 alot more, but the smoke bothers my flat mates.

The best option would be to vent directly out through a window with the exhaust hose.

Other than that, it’s down to a custom built exhaust solution.

Maybe some users have gone down this path and are happy to share some links?

@Glenn @Domenic

Yes it’s a growing problem for me too. Currently I use an air purifier - before, after and while cutting. While having my exhaust hose out through a window. Honestly though it doesn’t really make that much difference in terms of fume (especially for acrylic fume!), but I think it’s more breathable (maybe it’s placebo effect I’m not sure :’)

But yes, I would love to know how everyone deals with fume problem :slight_smile: Preferably without making holes on the walls for exhaust hose :"


ie http://www.aquajumbo.com/

So looks like a aquajumbo followed by a wetdry vac and you have what I was thinking.

Any “Sparks” are “killed” in water, and the wetdry.



for the wetdry, a milwaukee m18 one.



Hi Together

I use the window for throwing out the fume and most of the smell. But for this, the exhaust house was too short. And I have no other place for the machine.

I was going into a DIY store an found a hose who normaly be used in the kitchen or bathroom for tha sanitary installation. And the best: One end of this hose fits exactly to the end of the original hose. And it costs less than $30.00.

This is my installation, and it works really fine. I have only a little bit of the smell of burning wood, but no fume in my room.

Happy lasering!