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Benefits of Complete Clean

Even though I don’t use my laser as much as some, it is probably on every 3 days or so for a few hours at a time. After having to pull it apart for repairs the other day I decided to go back to nuts and bolts to clean everything. 

Lets just say  I was surprised/stunned at how much soot and dust had collected on and around the circuit boards / fans and wiring. It was so thick that it was impairing the quality of my cuts and engravings. After a full clean and refit I was amazed at the increase in power I had achieved. Although it was not like a brand new 4W there was a marked improvement. 

Thinking of adding a separate fan to increase cooling to main board and help to keep it dust free

Always a good idea to give the machine a clean every now and then. It certainly helps reduce problems.

Thanks for sharing this.