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Bamboo and Pine recommended settings - inconsistent results

What are you using for bamboo?

I’ve read it’s actually better to make the laser unfocused for a much nicer darker engraving in bamboo.

To make it out of focus tell lightburn my material is 1mm higher than it is to do that? Is there a better way?

I am engraving cutting boards. I see pictures of superb engravings on even 2.8w engravers but with the E2 I have not had good results. What am I not doing correctly?


Some turn out ok, most are very inconsistent(light here, dark there, or just faint) which means wasted materials as it’s too light, sometimes I’ll do a second pass over the first which takes 30 minutes, and nets slightly better results.


I am currently running 85/mm sec speed and 80% power. I’ve tried lower power as suggested, can’t see anything, I’ve tried faster speeds, ends up being very…interlaced and not crisp.

Is there a way to engrave bamboo nicely, and also faster than 30 minutes for just text. I am using Threshold as image mode, I’ve tried others they all seem to take much longer.


I’ve found reports of people using less percentage power but I really don’t have good success unless at 80% plus power on any wood.


What are people using for Pine? Same thing, sometimes it’s great, other times too light. Unlike bamboo it’s very consistent but often time too faint overall.


Neither Bamboo or pine are in the Library unless that’s been updated recently…




Here is a test run on a bamboo cutting board.

Left to right steps are in 100/mm/min incremements

top to bottom is in 10% increasing increments

hope this helps


Nice work Cameron, that must have taken a long time to program and do!


ER I find bamboo better as a structural material, with only text engraved. It doesn’t seem to hold detailed engraving every well mainly due to its grain structure. The denser and smaller the grain the crisper the finished work. But a lot of tweak the speed and power setting to find what works right is also very necessary :slight_smile: