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Australian Laser Grade Suppliers

I’m starting a small business and need a reliable supplier of Laser Grade Ply. Can anyone share their experiences and recommendations? I found one that looked good on paper but they were hopeless at responding to emails so I don’t want to deal with them. I have just emailed a bunch of random Australian PlyWood suppliers so see if they can help. Not finding many that have caught onto the Laser tagline yet.

Please limit responses to sources/suppliers that you have dealt with.


Although not ‘Laser Grade’, balsacentral.com are where we purchase all our plywood.

Their plywood is very high quality and consistent.

Thanks for that.

I just investigate Balsa Central. Looks like they only stock Basswood ply and seem to be out of stock for most thicknesses of AB grade. BB has some but sounds like that’s not what i’m after since I want both sides to be at least consistent quality.

In the past we have not specified the grade of the plywood. This is something new they have introduced as explained on their site.

We recently purchased 3mm (BB) and 6mm sheets and found them to be as good as always supplied by this vendor.


Ok, They must be covering their bases. Would be fine for my prototyping in any-case. Just a matter of cost.

The Ply company I was mentioning above is PlyCo http://www.laserply.melbourne This is a secondary site for their main business http://www.plyco.com.au. They sent me price lists, not including transport which they were happy to organise. This was indicated as a new division of their business. All looks great in terms of selection. But as stated I’m getting poor communication. I think I’m going to persist since it might be down to poor reliability of emails these days. I checked all my spam filters and there are none from them in there so it might be that mine are being filtered by theirs. Will call them to try sort this out. Not a confidence inspiring start though.

Possibly this time of year doesn’t give an accurate indication of a companies usual responsiveness, especially if they are a small one .(Apart from darklylabs, as is aparent!)

I also have dealt with balsacentral.com for ply, and they have been great. Ply is a mysterious thing - I can cut 3mm BC grade ply from Bunnings in 3 passes with my Emblaser 1,  but the 0.4mm ply I got from Mr Plywood for a lot of money in the early days before I learnt that lasercutting isn’t so simple is laserproof!

Chris, Good point. Thanks for reminding me. Although it has been a couple of months. I’ll persist and hopefully remember to update this forum on outcome, especially if it turns out well.

Trotec Australia is literally a 15 minutes drive from me, I keep meaning to go over and check out what their materials are like - I’m mainly interested in their laserable plastic media, but I assume they would have laserable ply too, though it might be quite dear given that they are possibly planning on their laser buying customers  buying automatically from them, rather than searching out other suppliers - and so have a bit of a captive market.

But I might be wrong - I was wrong about last nights lotto numbers, for instance!.,Anyway,  it might be worth checking up with them since they would definitely have ply that is laserable!

Chris, I’ll have a look. I do want to use other materials. Shame I can’t cut clear acrylic with this machine, but in a year or two, business proving viable, i’ll be getting an expensive Epilog machine for the manufacturing and use the Emblaser2 with my design machine for prototyping. Unless of course Darkly Labs go into other laser types down the track before I get that business loan. The machine I really want for the business, as the market stands, is about $60k so about $35 a day over 5 years expected life span of the laser units in it (has two), not including interest on the loan. Might be ok if sales reach target and hold up. Hint Hint Darkly Labs! Of course my Emblaser2 would have to prove reasonable to justify that expense on a company with relatively few years under it’s belt. Epilog have that experience going for them.


I should add that the next machine will likely be $16k before the one mentioned above. That’s their entry level price!!!

Opps sorry for the rant. Pity about the lotto numbers!

Yes, they (Trotec, Epilaser etc…) are eye-wateringly expensive! The Emblaser in comparison is feasable for the hobby related tasks that I do with mine. I have found very few competitive products that will do what I want.

My last Post vanished. Sorry Darkly Labs if I over stepped my mark. I definitely impressed with the Emblaser2 and even the Emblaser1 ability to make the cutting affordable-ish for non businesses or startup.

Hi Brook,

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I rang Plyco in Thornbury yesterday regarding Laser Ply.  The guy I spoke with, Randall, was more than helpful and emailed a price list straight away. The range of available ply is Hoop Pine, European Poplar, Fijian Cedar, European Beech, Bamboo and Eucalypt in various thicknesses. 

I had to go to Melbourne today and as Plyco was in the neighbourhood (Thornbury) I called in. It’s a factory site with a shop front so you can make purchases there or order on the phone and they will courier your order.  I note there are other stores. Google laserply. 

When I arrived, they were in the middle of a conference or training session in their front show room but were more than happy to look after me. I dealt with Hayley Garvey and she took me out to look at their laser stock. I ended up purchasing their standard size sheet 1200 x 600 x 3 of each product. The prices vary a lot depending on what you are after but the ply is stunning. I don’t want to cut it. :-)  Hayley even had stock cut of one of their lines as there was none on the shelf.  I then asked if she would label each one with a pencil so I would remember what was what. She went a step further and had some individual labels already pre-printed with the ply species that she stuck on my purchase.  They will be expanding their on line presence for laser stock in the next two or three weeks, however you can give them a call and they will happily send stock.  

They will cut your stock but will charge $3.00 per cut.  If anyone wants pics of any of the product, I’m happy to oblige.



Thanks for the info Daryl. Did you get any of their bamboo ply to try? I’d be interested in seeing how that goes.

Hi Chris,

Yeah I did.  I was like a kid in a lolly shop.  It looks great.  I will cut some in the next couple of days and keep you posted. Are you running E1 or E2 Chris?

HI daryl,

Yes, and at the same time! :slight_smile:

Ha ha love it Chris,

I can see yours and raise you.  At one stage I had 2 x E1’s, 1 x E2 and two home made CNC spindle machines.  Darkly Labs are responsible for me being an absolute CNC nut. I have had 2 E1’s and a spindle machine all running jobs at the same time. Keep me on my toes. 

This is my latest machine which compliments the E2 well.   Look closely at the job on the table.  :slight_smile:



Hi Daryl,

Wow! I’ve been trying to get into CNC - but I can’t seem to find a supplier of ‘reasonably’  priced  entry level stuff here in Sydney… Maybe my google power is not strong enough - can you name some names? Kits are ok…