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Artwork Scales down when imported

He everyone.  I’ve noticed that my SVG scales down about 25% when I import them into Laser Web.
Usually I just resize the art and it’s not a problem, but I have run into slight variations of the sizes when I cut multiples in separate jobs.

Does anyone have a fix so that my artwork doesn’t shrink when imported?

My SVG’s are made in Illustrator.



Hi Drew,

Try this:

In Illustrator, make sure when you export the SVG you have CSS Properties - Style Attributes selected (that solves some other problems)

In Laserweb, in Settings/FileSettings, make sure you enable “FORCE PX PER INCH”

I use Laserweb v. 4.0.989 and Illustrator CS5 quite happily


Is the solution the same for Inkscape?

Yes, most likely