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Artist's Canvas Sheet

I engraved three of these today looking for best settings.  This was the first.

Material is white artist canvas sheet.  Comes in a pad of 10, 9" x 12" sheets (like a notepad - $8 US).

I used too much power on this example.  It did partially burn through in the darkest areas.

PicEngrave Pro 5 - 60ipm FR - 20% FRC - 0.006" pixel resolution - S255 max. power (2.2 amps) - S0 for min. power - 45° left angle - 3.25 x 4 inches - 1hr 23 minutes.

Sealed with a satin lacquer spray.  This is necessary because the canvas generates a lot of soot when laser engraved, which will easily smudge and wipe off.