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Architectural Model

I’ve been following this thread since I got my E2 and have been wanting to post something for a while. This model is for my Masters and was made entirely from my laser cutter.

I’m really loving all the things you can make from this machine!

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Whoah! Well done.

Can you tell us a little about the project and where this location is?

This is a project located on the University of Canberra, aimed at providing alternatives to the sprawling nature of a campus.

It has been a work in progress for 14 weeks, but I was able to create the model in roughly 3 days (cutting and layering, not designing)

That’s impressive, Peter!

What thickness are the contour lines?  Do they represent 10 metre or 1 metre contours?


I’ve stayed only   briefly on the ANU site about 3 times over about 20 years.   I’m not too clear on the landforms, beyond the steep rise to the (Botanic?) gardens and the fall to the lake:  but the buildings!   It rambles, indeed, and seemed to be going on with that style.  All the best with your work!




The contours are at 2m intervals so make for a decent volume of material.

The best thing was I was able to engrave the outline of the next contour onto the one I was working on, meaning I could just place it on top, perfectly positioned.