Architectural model 1:50 Section

Card lasercut using emblaser

Acrylic parts cut using c02 laser, details 3d printed, cast concrete base.

Stunning as always!

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Amazing work!
I have to ask - How do you keep from getting glue marks on everything?!

Some parts are effectively ‘clad’ ie. thin white card over a core or carcass made or something more rigid and/or slotted together so little glue is needed.

The acrylic parts are effectively welded together using a very thin glue (can’t remember name) which any excess evaporates.

The 3d printed parts are very light and don’t need much glue, an amount you could gather on the end of a toothpick perhaps.

Hope that answers your question. I’m sure there are better techniques however. I usually work backwards from the position of ‘what will be the fastest set of parts to assemble’, so I usually spend more or equal time on the digital model prior to making physically as such.