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Another way to hold ply flat and cut with an airspace

No problems for me. In fact, I was rather pleased at how clean the back of the timber is compared to my previous methods of hold down.  Domenic will be in a better position to answer re reflection.  My personal opinion is, not an issue. 



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Reflections back into the lens are definitely a bad thing, but…

By the time the laser has hit the baseplate, reflected back and potentially entered the lens, it will have diverged and dissipated great deal. You should not have any problems.


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While my laser was unattached from the machine i turned it on to see what the reflection was like from the steel sheet, and the magnets.


The reflection at an angle was a large blurry mess - it was bright but there was no laser dot even at close range.


the magnets were less blurry as they are more polished but still i couldn’t get a focused point - so I have no worries about reflections back - Plus it has to go through the woodcut twice in order to re-enter the lens filtering it even more.


Just make sure the steel you use - and the magnets are not too polished… if it is, just rough it up with some sandpaper to give it a brushed finish.



What exactly would you want airspace below for? For the parts to just fall out?

Air flow underneath the material being cut allows for more efficient cutting. It also helps eliminate staining on the bottom of the work piece.

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