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Another newby's questions

Hi all, i am very new to the laser cutting community and have been on a steep learning curve ever since excitedly unboxing our new emblaser 2 on Friday. I have had some successful cuts and are starting to understand the whole loading of projects etc, but I am just wondering if i am supposed to be able to pause and restart a job during the operation from the control panel, as this is not happening for me, and also if the laser should be returning to the home position after a job is aborted for some reason, i seem to have to turn the emblaser 2 off and on again to get it to the original starting position.

After reading David Obrizzo post yesterday “I was having a problem with the laser not being able to move or home if I stopped or cancelled a job. I uninstalled laserweb and installed the most recent version and that fixed it”

I too tried uninstalling and reinstalling the laserweb software, but I already seem to have latest version of the the software for windows 64, it is LaserWeb.Setup.4.0.732-78-x64 though at the top of my laserweb screen it does read laserweb 4.0.731… any help with this would be most appreciated.

ps. I agree with David Obrizzo that this is great forum, but please note the pixel per inch setting should actually be set at 96 not 90 for inkscape users, apparently the 72 setting is the default for illustrator…



Glad your on your way up the learning curve!

There is no way to pause and resume a job. At present you can stop (abort) only.

When you press ‘abort’ the machine is placed into an ‘alarm’ state. This button’s name with have changed to ‘clear alarm’. Pressing it again will reset the alarm and make the Emblaser ready to accept another job.

If you want to move the laser over to the home position, just press the ‘home’ button after you have cleared any alarm.

Hope that helps.

Hi Domenic,

that is very helpful…in that case it appears that my Emblaser 2 is working perfectly :slight_smile:

Thank-you for all your hard work!


Please keep the questions, suggestions coming. I’m sure others can benefit from discussions like this.

On my first installation of Laserweb If I aborted a job it would not home for me even after clearing the alarm. Also I couldn’t jog the laser head either after aborting and clearing the alarm.My control PC is a Dell Quad core running Windows 7. Domenic are you saying that after I abort a job and clear the alarm, I don’t have to home it? I could start the same , or a new job right from where the laser head was when aborted?


Thanks for the correction on the Pixels…I will have to make that change when I get home.

Hi David,

Correct. After aborting you do not need to reposition the laser. It will start a new job from wherever it is.

The main need to home it is to move it our the way.

You can also create a macro button in Laserweb to do this.

Create a macro with the following code: