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Another E1 Enclosure

I keep forgetting to post this.  I built an enclosure for the Emblaser with a couple of family friendly features. I have kids (which you all know from the birthday cakes…) and they are at my side always, so feature one was eye safety.  Now everyone can watch the laser in action through the 445nm rated safety window.  Second issue was smell.  I do all of my non-plastic cutting in the house, so I added two Corsair 120mm high static pressure fans and cut some bulk carbon filter sheet to cover them.  These fans suck, I mean they really suck!  Even with all the vent holes cut in the side when you close the lid, you feel it snap shut because of vacuum.  The fans also give it a nice humm which drown out the motor noises, so cutting at random hours of the night no ones hears anything.  The carbon filter sheets does the job well, no smells or smoke in the house.  I accidentally made a lot of cuts which melted the plastic grid the materials sit on (forgot to reset the zero), didn’t smell a thing which is good and bad I guess. But since ABS releases some toxic stuff, blanket rules are plastics outdoors only.

I put USB and power jacks on the side and upgraded the power supply to run the lights, fans and Emblaser.  When I’m done for the night, all of the cables, cords, and laser stuff go into a box that fits inside the enclosure and get stored safely away.  Which was issue #3 that needed to be solved.  The laser doesn’t have a home, I cut were I am so it needed to be portable enough to travel to any room in the house. Move the power and laser buttons would be really nice, but the document for doing that reads like greek to me.  A parts list and wire diagram would be much nicer (hint, hint Darkly:))


Absolutely great, Wayne :slight_smile: Very clean and detailled work. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice design and fabrication work! Nice touches with the oversize finger joints on the corners, the lighted push buttons, and the interior lighting. Great work

I was planning on making a case for my own and then found this post. This is a really nice design, its ideal!

I’m gonna try make something similar… Unless you want to make another and sell it!

Howdy Josh sure I’ll sell, but you’ve gotta buy the EMver1 thats inside once ver2 arrives:). I may have the design files on my laptop if its any help to you. Of course if you lived near by and I’m able sneak in some shop time I’d help. Just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Ah - I spot a slight issue - Im in Bradford (UK) haha

I think ill be okay with constructing the enclosure and getting some perspex windows. But i’m not great with the electronics side of things - so i’m really impressed how you got it all wired up together - and the external plugs you’ve added.

Do you have a list of the parts / circuitry you used?

Im good at soldering, and putting circuit boards together - but not designing them!


Thanks Wayne :slight_smile:

That will be just a bit of a hassle to stop on by!  I found the design files last night.  I’ll sort them out and get a parts list together during a couple of lunch breaks. Most of the parts were from Amazon.

I’m sure I wont be the only person to use this information.
Thankyou so much!

Well Josh, for what its worth, I hope this is helpful! Here is a link to a folder containing the design files (I used Ventric Cut 2D to do the layouts as a project to learn the software), parts list with links, and some info on the bias board.  I’ll leave the link active until I need the space back from my drive.


Next up an attempt to explain the overall enclosure, not sure if its useful or not.  Just bare with me, I don’t do videos for a living and no time to edit my ramblings:)


Feel free to ping me if you need anything. -w

This is Exactly what I wanted.
I will update you once I’m finished and hopefully not need to bother you during haha!

I think the only thing i will do differently is have 2 separate power inputs, 1 for the emblaser and another for the lights and fans… Basically so i don’t damage the emblaser pcb… Can’t wait now- and can’t thank you enough for the help, list and video :slight_smile:

No prob! The only time I ever had a problem with the power to the laser was when I was trying to force an issue by quickly turning the fans and lights off and on repeatedly.  I think it was an inductance spike from the fans slowing down, then trying to fire back up while still spinning.  It survives the kids hitting buttons when running, so right there is some serious stress tests!

Great news, my enclosure is complete and I’m really happy with how it turned out.
Wayne, thanks for the insperation.