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Another Birthday Cake

My oldest wanted a Minion themed party, so using the same process I did a few months ago for her brother, she got her Minion cake via laser cut sugar sheets. I used a cross hatch to make the buttons on the overalls, just the right setting and the coloring and burns off.  Same thing with the stitches on the overalls (hard to see in the picture), just enough to add the detail without cutting though. Without the stitching, the outfit looks too plain. The balloons were also out of the sugar sheet. 

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okay, now that’s just too darn cool. I’ll bet a seven year old would not notice any missing stitching after being presented with such a colorful cake as this.

Is sugar sheet something constructed in the home workshop or a product available from brick and mortar stores?

Hi Fred - the sugar sheet material is made by Wilton. It’s available online and most craft stores (in the US) in the cake deco departmemt. I posted one based on Paw Patrol back in April. It’s a fun project to do and smells good too!

The local Joann Fabrics shop might have the stuff, it appears on their web site. They toss out coupons for 40% discount now and then, saving a good chunk of money for a small chunk of sugar! Clearly the stuff to buy is the camo sheets.

Well done Wayne.

Looks too good to eat!