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Anodised aluminum chip for shopping carts

I have made a test with an anodised aluminum chip for shopping carts. This chip comes already anodized industrially.

The settings for the lasering was:

  • Emblaser 1
  • 3 Watt Laser
  • Power: 100%  
  • Move Speed: 100 mm/min
  • Hatch fill - stepover: 0.2 mm, Hatch angle: 45.0 degrees, Cross Hatch

The labeling is very clean and detailed. The width of the thinnest, individual lines is between 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm.

Now i ordered an anodizing set for aluminium, and i am waiting additional material to anodize myself at home.

My goal is to create a black, anodized aluminum frontpanel and then labeling the controls (buttons, switches, potentiometers, etc) with the Emblaser.

This is going to be very exciting :slight_smile:

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This looks great Salvatore.

Thanks for sharing the pics and settings. I’m sure others will appreciate this information for their own projects.