Anodised Aluminium Serial Number / Specification Plate

We have been contacted by several customers with questions about engraving serial number / specification plates for various items.

Below is a quick test using a blue anodise aluminium ‘business card’ which measures approximately 54.0 x 86.0 x 0.2mm. Similar results are achievable on thicker plates, though the setting will depend on thickness of the plate, as well as the colour and thickness of the anodised layer/s.

Note: These aluminium business cards are quite reflective and hence difficult to photograph!

This sample contains text in both SHX (singe line font) and regular font, for comparison.
Regular Font [Fill]: Next to squares
SHX Font [Line]: Next to circles

The measurements denote the height of the text/features in each section, ie: 5mm text is 5mm in height.

Lastly, it is worth noting that this process works by removing the anodised layer, leaving the bare aluminium visible. As such, engraving clear anodising will not result in any visible marks as there will be no contrast between the bare and anodised sections.

– Lliam

engraving_sample_anodised_aluminium_business_card.lbrn (353.5 KB)