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Angel fish

Hi all,

I recently got a sample pack of ply from Darkly to try out an idea I had for using different coloured ply in a project.

I use the 6mm and 3 mm poplar,  2.5 mm eucalypt and 1.5mm beech plywoods.

I used a bit of stain on one layer of the 2.5 mm eucalypt to enhance the colour.

I also used the “Cut selected graphics” option in lightburn to select and only cut 1 section of the design at any 1 time,

Cutting the 6mm poplar first but leaving the waste piece in the  machine , I then place each different piece on top of the waste piece and selected the appropriate shape and cut it out after adjusting for the thickness of the ply

All of the ply cut successfully and the different colours and grain gave the effect you see in the image attached.




What an amazing result.

I try to mix different grains and shades into my design but I think I am a little heavy-handed with stain. You seem to have achieved the right balance.


Wow … great work John :slight_smile: