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Amplifier Face Plates

Face plates done with Emblaser using Cut 2d Laser, wood was ply bought from Bunnings

(sorry my camera skills are not the best)

Here they are in position on the nearly completed amp


For those interested here is a gut shot of amp, It is based on a 5f6a Bassman with a 15 watt output section running two 6v6 Valves. This is just a hobby, I do not sell them



Impressive work Tim.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve see electronic components spaced so far apart. Brings back memories of being able to solder a resistor without a microscope and a reflow oven!

Thanks for sharing.

Cool work Tim, nice work.

Interesting idea to add a plywood face plate in front of a metallic enclosure.

There is also a possibility to spray a black color layer on an aluminum surface, and then laser the panel with scales for potentiometers, switches or other graphical details with a speed of 100 mm/min and power 100%. I will show my front cases in another article.

Thanks for sharing.