Am I doing it wrong?

Emblaser 2

Today while entering fresh calibration numbers in Lightburn, I discovered your “Help Centre” tab and accompanying files, particularly the “Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guides”. In almost 40 years of computing since my earliest Commodore 64 days, I have read (and re-read) dozens and dozens of manuals and how-to guides and have never seen one nearly as thoroughly described and helpful as yours.

The precisely stated instructions, along with exceptional and thorough close-up photos make it impossible not to understand exactly how to perform maintenance activities and the author is to be congratulated for such a clearly stated effort.

I did not realise that there have been firmware updates since I purchased my machine (v.1.23 and now up to v.126) so I’m off to update it.

I have a query regarding moving the laser head along the rails. When the Emblaser is powered on I don’t move it manually but if I need to (e.g.) move the head to the centre of the bed for lens cleaning, I ensure that the power is off and then gently and s-l-o-w-l-y manually guide it to the desired position. Am I likely to cause any harm to the unit,doing this?

Hi Elayne,

Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you found it easy to find the information you needed!

Regarding your question, no, you are not likely to be causing any damage by doing this. I do recommend using the arrows in the Move tab if you need to raise or lower the Laser Unit itself (Z Axis), however slow manual X and Y motion of the Laser Carriage with the machine OFF will not damage the machine.

Best regards,

Customer Support Team


Thanks for the advice, Lliam, I am relieved!

Why would I want to raise or lower the Z axis? Isn’t that covered by Lightburn when I enter the material thickness? Am I overlooking something?

Hi Elayne,

On earlier machines this is required when cleaning the Focus Lens as it can not be accessed by simply unscrewing the Lens Retainer by hand, like with newer machines.

Also, if you are having power output issues the Technical Support Team might walk you through the process of cleaning the Prisms (one step above the Focus Lens) but this is not something you generally need to do - so you’re not missing anything!

All the best,

Thank you, understood.