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Aluminium honeycomb

Does anyone in Australia have a place they know that supplies aluminium honeycomb as a base?  Turns out it is quite hard to find!






I am in the process of making a vacuum base for my a# laser. I am trying a piece of aluminium security mesh as the honeycomb. It should give clearance from the base and allow air to be extracted from below. Maybe its worth a try for you


Hi Sandy


Try ULRICH Aluminium, they have branches all over Australia.

They may not have exactly what you are looking for by have a look at the Ultramesh product, 800x400 sheet will cost you about $40.




I’m just doing the same search again for the aluminium honeycomb, I know eBay Chinese sellers have it listed but for the E2 machines, I’m thinking it might be quite thick.

So, after a bit of searching, I’ve found a company that make and sell cooker hood replacement filters and they can do any size. Have I just stumbled on a really cheap option? Or am I being stupid? It’s listed as aluminium honeycomb, it looks perfect for what I want to use it for. 

The cooker filter mesh should be OK but may get blasted by a full power cut at a slow feed speed.

Watch out that the mesh doesn’t have some fibrous filter material embedded in though.





On my main laser, 60 watt CO2, I have a steel honeycomb.

2 main advantages.

Magnets for holding down warpy stuff, and waterblast for cleaning.

On my E1 I used stainless woven mesh with a 1mm gap for the vacuum table.

I tried fly screen but the surface wouldn’t stay flat. the stainless mesh was quite  rigid, 0.6 wires I think.

The details may still be on the old site.


I’m getting reasonable results from an old car radiator I picked up for free. It still has some rounded areas, so I get a little bounce-back, but overall it is working well. It is very flat and rigid. Just make sure you get a clean, undamaged one.

I’m currently using polystyrene egg crate louver panel for lighting but there is the same available in aluminum. I just haven’t located a nearby source for it (not that I’ve looked that hard). The plastic is working fine and it’s cheap.