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Alignment issues during multiple passes

I had an issue with the laser doing multiple pass on a job and misaligning every pass after first.

  The top most right was my first attempt, just to proof the design, and it worked perfectly. The other three subsequent attempts are all miss-matched, the outside cut is not aligned at all.

I fixed the issue on the fifth try by moving the drawing to a different area on Laserweb. From the top left near “Home” to the bottom right. I cut perfectly then.

So my question is: Is there a way to reduce play in the belts so this misalignment of multiple passes doesn’t happen again? or is this a design bug that can creep in occasionally for one reason or another in that area of the bed?   

Hi Tim,

What are the speeds you are using for the engraving and then the cutting?



I was in a rush and didn’t save my G-codes, but from memory the internal lines where 800 mm/min, 0.2 depth and the outside cut was 420 mm/min, 1.1 depth with three passes.

The inside / outline where separate drawing layers.  

Hi Tim,

its off topic but can i ask what ply that is?

it looks a lot less knotty then what i’m currently getting (Birch).

I have had this happen on both my E1 and E2. In my case, it’s normally the guide rails need lubricating.

Hi Tim,

The feed-rates you mention are well within reasonable limits.

Can you please try to lubricate the rails as Daryl suggested and see whether this resolves the issue.

Please only use the synthetic lubricant we supplied with your machine and use very small amounts. Remember that any excess lubricant you can see only serves to gather debris.

Thanks Daryl and Domenic,

the rails where dirty. After a wipe and lube its much better. I’ve been doing some heavy engraving on low quality ply lately which has made a much bigger mess then I thought it would.

Josh, I don’t know the exact type of timber but it’s 1mm thick laser grade ply from a Melbourne based supplier. I get the off-cuts from where I work. Fun fact: before Bunnings high quality ply was easy to get, but now all the smaller manufactures have been driven out…



That’s great news Tim.

Thanks for letting us know.