Aligning the silicone air nozzle-- EASILY and accurately

Does anyone have a method or reliable procedure or practice for aligning the silicone air nozzle on the 10 watt head? I had no problem with the 5 watt head and everything tells me it should be no different on the 10 watt… Is there a way to do it with the laser in the lowest power, real time. Does the system have a low power targeting mode that I’m not seeing or finding. Is there a pulse firing mode that I’m missing?

It seems to be seated properly but I just can’t get a good feel on how the silicone cone is seated without a significant amount of trial and error and wasted time.


Hi Patrick,

As long as the Nozzle is positioned hard-up against the Heatsink, the Nozzle should be correctly aligned with the laser. Please see the image below.

On an Emblaser 2, the Lid does need to be shut for the Laser to Enable. If you place a piece of white paper inside the machine, then lower the Laser Unit slightly, you should the low power beam (as a small rectangle) on the paper.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Okay finally got it on and centered.
However, I have never " On an Emblaser 2, the Lid does need to be shut for the Laser to Enable." been able to fire the laser with the lid open on my Emblaser 2.
Is there something I’m not checking or turning on?

Hi Patrick,

My apologies if I was unclear. The Laser will only work when the Lid IS closed.
Glad to hear you got the Nozzle sorted!

No, I must apologize for mis-reading our previous reply. All good. Thanks for your help.

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I felt unsure when I was slipping the cone on, too, and could not get my head low enough to see whether it was straight so I bought a small articulated mirror. I open it to a right angle to view all sides of the brass fitting. If I can see brass, I know it is NOT on correctly.

I have also resorted to using a mirror. Too tight a quarters to see the fit properly. I also use the articulated mirror to check the cleanliness of the lens cover.
When I frame out a project prior to burning I also get a second chance to be sure the beam is unobstructed.

In this video, you can see what is going on and what you need to do to get the silicon nozzle on correctly.

Hope it helps.