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Aligning materials to workspace

In the absence of the workspace camera, how are you guys aligning your materials to the workspace? Despite my best efforts, I’m still not getting good alignment by eyeballing or measuring with a rule or tape measure.

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I burn a quick outline of the item on to a piece of tape or some paper. If its an odd shape I’ll take a picture, scale it in inkscape and generate a rough shape from there.

What I do is, turn off the image and only enable the outline and set the laser power to 1%, at 2000 mm/min and 4 passes.

Then start it up, and open and close the door and enable the laser to align it up so it’s spot on.

Draw an outline of your piece in your design software that is exactly the size of your item. Center and align the piece/image/engraving inside that line the way you would like it. Place some scrap cardboard or thick poster board inside the machine and tape it down so it wont move. Turn off everything but the outline of the piece. Cut the outline out or engrave it on the cardboard , and now you have a perfect alignment guide. Place your piece in the laser using the guide. Turn off the layer that has the outline on it, turn everything else back on and run the job.