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Air filter


Can you tell me whether your air filter system has HEPA filter.

How long do the filters last?

Hi Jeff,

We have had the filters especially designed for the Emblaser 2.

They are made up of 3 parts:

1: Pre-Filter to capture large particulates. These are washable.

2: Activated Carbon Filter: This captures most of the fumes and odour

3: HEPA filter: This captures very fine particulates that find their way through the carbon filter.

We set the Filtration Unit on the floor and it does an excellent job of removing all visible fumes from our cutting and engraving jobs. There is a small amount of odour that gets through but it is minor.

We have been running the same filters for many weeks now and have not noticed degradation. It is difficult to say how long they will last because it really depends on the materials they will be needing to filter. We will keep customers updated as we get more evidence of them needing replacing.



Hi Dominic

It’s me again… If I run the E2 in an open space (not a closed room (it’s a place where I also cut wood with bigger machines)) is it ok to have it without an air-filter? 


Hi Laura,

As long as you have some ventilation for the smoke / fumes.

We often run our machines in the lab while testing without the fume filter. We keep a door or window open to let any fumes clear out.

We do this when working with wood and paper because we don’t really mind the smell of this in the air. We probably wounding do it with plastics or MDF etc.

Hope that helps.

Speaking of filters and introductory pricing being extended:

In my initial order I did not specify a filter.

Can one be added to my order?
How much?



Hi Michael,

The Fume Filtration System is a separate unit that filters the fumes from the E2 instead of venting them outdoors.

You can find it here on our webstore: https://darklylabs.com/product/fume-filtration-system/

Thanks Domenic,

Still out of my reach as an add-ons for now.

From the various discussions, it seems a strong air-extractor in the room will suffice?

Good ventilation is still a good option and generally all thats necessary in large areas.

The filtration system is really useful when you are not in a workshop environment. Fumes can trigger smoke detectors and make it uncomfortable for some people.

Lots of Emblaser customers simply rely on using the machine near an open window.