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Air assist rubber nozzle

Can anyone advise on the optimum size for the hole in the air assist nozzle. It seems to me that getting the nozzle perfectly aligned is an essential part of the set up and constantly removing it for cleaning and replacing it in a misaligned position can stop the laser from working properly. 

Is it possible to make the hole at the end of the nozzle larger without affecting the performance of the laser and/or the air assist module?

Any observations would be welcome.


Hi Ralph,

I was going to cut the end of my air assist nozzle off too - but decided against it. Instead I just click the “Check Laser” button after I’ve put the nozzle back on (with a piece of scrap MDF under it), and it burns a small hole. If it is hitting the side of the air assist you know straight away so I move it slightly and click “Check Laser” again. 



When it is not alighned just right, doesnt it just burn away and make a larger hole, seemed like thats what happened to mine when i was (stupidly) trying to use it without removing the oring first and it wasnt quite stright.

If you enlarge the hole it makes alignment of the nozzle very easy, but at the cost of the effectiveness of air assist, don’t ask me how I know!

Luckily mine came with a spare nozzle, now I just stop and start the calabration tool  move the nozzle until I get it spot on, but will now try the ‘check laser’ mentioned earlier.