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Air Assist - How do you know if working correctly / aligned

Silly question follows:


I have setup my air assist and it sounds like the machine is going to take off so I’m presuming it’s installed correctly. 


My question is: how do you know if it is setup correctly / aligned? 


Does someone know a common material that smokes easily that I can use to test (and some settings may help)? 


I don’t have cork, but have bamboo, mdf, ply and cardboard at my disposal (and slate… but if that shows up smoke marks it isn’t slate!). 


Thanks everyone, 



Perhaps try balsa? I know that’s the only thing I have managed to make a fire with (!)

You’ll see the difference on ply, do 3 or so passes at around 5mm per second (300mm per min) with it and then another sample the same witout, you should see the non-air assist will have a faint brown appearance around the cut.

(Personally I tested mine by a little sprinkling of talcum powder on a sheet of paper, and ran a little cut test without turning the laser red button on just to see how far the talc would blow!)

Thanks for the advice guys!


Thanks for that Balsa suggestion, I’m heading into Bunnings today so might add balsa to the list if just to test cutting with it.


Thanks Chris. I’m using the BB grade ply from Bunnings and having air on and off I do see a difference so it must be working.

I watch the small embers fly off into the distance from the air assist! Haha.

Please note that we have made a very small modification to the Air-Assist nozzle which will help prevent some failures we have been seeing as well as reducing noise.

We will make an announcement very soon on how to get hold of this new nozzle.

For the time being, please ensure you have the latest firmware installed, as this will slightly reduce the air-assist motor rpm.

Ok will do thanks Domenic. Loving the Emblaser 2 by the way!