Advanced Tip: Shape Properties > Power Scale

Pro Tip: Use ‘Shape Properties’ to specify a Power for individual or groups of shapes on the same layer.

To access Shape Properties, select the shapes to modify, then right click and choose Show Properties - The Shape Properties will show up in the side tab by default.

This is useful when testing new materials as you can have a single layer, with a set Speed and Power, then use Shape Properties > Power Scale to set each shapes individual Power as a percent of the layers ‘Max’ Power, from the Cut Settings Window.

With this, you can set increments in power such as 0%, 10%, 20%,… %100 at 2000mm/min on one layer, and the same Power increments at 2200mm/min on another, for example.
This frees up layers for additional speeds or other tests.

Note: This method is best for finding the optimal engrave (not cut) settings for a material - cutting is generally best at 100% Power.