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Adobe Illustrator SVG export

Hi there,

My Emblaser 2 arrived yesterday and I’ve only done the tutorials so far and a simple logo test (on random cardboard) - but absolutely love it!

I am an Architect by trade and are very used to using specific colour profiles for laser cutters - where blue (0,0,255) is etch, red (255,0,0) is cut and black (0,0,0) is raster. Old habits die hard. I am also very used to requiring a line thickness of 0.1pt - it appears that the Emblaser 2 does not require a specific line thickness, is this correct?

I have tried to export a simple line logo from Adobe Illustrator to SVG, to import into the Laserweb software, and have not been able to get the colours to transfer into the laser web software. When the SVG file is opened separately, the colours are within the SVG file.

Am I missing something to make the colours appear in the laserweb software?

I can still make the designs work within the laserweb software by dragging the elements separately but would love to be able to filter by colour instead - the image below is the first test on a scrap piece of card.

Many Thanks!