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Adding a radius or chamfer to cut edges

Hi Domenic,

Is there a way (I guess it would be via raster engraving) to add a small radius or chamfer along all the edges of a piece that’s been cut? In other words, say a 1/8" thick sheet of MDF is having a shape cut from it. Can the E2 first make the usual cut (going right through the material) and then without removing the piece, have the E2 go back around the cut piece and “engrave” the chamfer or radius? 

The red board below shows a normal cut, then the orange and green boards show a small and “full” radius or chamfer respectively (shown only along one edge.)

If this is possible, am I correct it would take an incredibly long time to do the full version - affecting the entire thickness of the material?

I also wanted to ask if users who buy the E2 will be able to also access the E1 software? Being able to use AI files to cut parts will be a great feature but it doesn’t sound like Laserweb will offer it off the top. (Hope it does, eventually - can you confirm?) Or are there other commercial software applications that will run the E2?

Thanks very much!

It is possible to somewhat achieve this, but the result would not be very clean or smooth.

By running repeated passes you can achieve deeper engraving, but this depth is very limited. One technique would be to create a grey scale gradient of the border, where white is the highest part, and black is the lowest part. This could be used attenuate the power and theoretically create a taper in the material.

A lot of experimentation would be required and the amount of taper would depend on the material.

At the moment we are working on a post-processor for Cut2D-Laser to be able to generate Emblaser 2 friendly code. We will be offering the software once this is completed. At the moment Vectric do not have any plans on their roadmap to adopt vTransfer to work with the Emblaser 2 and Mac compatibility still seems in the distant future for them to implement.