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Acrylic Night Lamps

Had made this night lamp for my son some days ago, but didn’t have the time to post it.

Cut out the frame on 2mm black acrylic and the insert on 2mm transparent red acrylic

Cut Settings for frame: 400mm/min ; 100% power ; 5 passes (clean cuts)

Cut Settings for Red insert: 400mm/min ; 100% power ; 10 passes (cut edges were not clean a bit sandy)

Engraving Settings : 3000mm/min ; 35% power ; 1 pass ; 0.15mm fill stepover

Everything is push fit and no glue needs to be used (so I can change the inserts as and when I want)

Here is a variant wherein I have cut out different patterns on the frame itself and have used 2mm transparent orange inserts.

Have got an order for 3 pieces of the above lamp from a friend and they want to customize the frame for their wedding.

Cant wait to complete it.

The Emblaser cuts opaque black acrylic beautifully and can get nice clean cuts but doesn’t do so good on transparent acrylics.

Have cut out quite a lot of things on the Emblaser the last few weeks, but haven’t had the time to post them. Will do so as and when I get time.



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Fanstastic work, Joel. Thanks for sharing the settings :slight_smile:

Everything looks great!

Great work Joel.

It’s good to see some projects in acrylic.

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Thanks Domenic!!