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Acacia/Bamboo - How to get an even dark engraving and finishing process

Hi everyone. Looking for advice on getting an even and dark engraving on acacia and bamboo. When I engrave, I have different colouring over the different sections of the board (different planks… sorry dont know the technical term).

Ive seen people with a consistent dark burn, but i believe that is part of their finishing process.

So two questions:

  1. how to get a consistent dark burn on acacia / bamboo

  2. how do people finish their engravings? Products and where you purchase them would be appreciated.

Hi Richard, I regularly use a the bamboo ply sheets from plyco and I’m sorry to say its not the best material for super crisp engraving. It does alright but because of how the grain is it tends to give a less uniform finish.

Try 1400 mm/min @ 50% power, I use that to get nice dark text without too much burning.

Thanks Tim, appreciate the advice. I have some carbonised bamboo from Plyco as well so I’ll give your settings a go. I’m currently lasering some bunnings acacia brown utility panels and after some varnish it’s darkened a bit more which is good.