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About the material positioning

Hi Darkly labs.

I’m happy for order Emblaser2. As there is another laser cutter Glowflroge. There is one attractive software function of real time position of pic . As there is no cam for this in Emblaser2, but i wounder if there is alterative way for more precise positioning of laser cutting in the setting of software. such as  boundary indication in software screen and previews position of the acute cut and material placement indication in the machine. 
Because it’s inconvenience in the cutting in Emblaser1 when i place a material but acute cutting is not in position. 

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Hi Wong,


The Emblaser 2 incorporates a camera to allow you to do this.

The camera will project a realtime view of the workspace with your design overlaid. You can either position your material into the correct place or move your design to suit your material placement.

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That’s awesome, makes my corner positioning bracket on my Emblaser 1 look a little primitive! :slight_smile:



Will there be any tools when your in this “preview” mode for alignment, like to center the image onto the materiel, or to measure from the edges of the image to the edges of the materiel? Is the camera/imaging software able to detect and utilize the position of the materiel or is it just a conventional image projection over the camera image?


Eagerly awaiting shipping on my E2!


Hi David,

We don’t have these answers as yet. Our focus has been on getting the basic functionality working. At the moment we are at a projected image phase with overlaid design. This in itself is extremely useful.

We will soon implement a roadmap for all the cool ideas, like yours, to be implemented.



Thanks for the response. Yes I agree just having the camera and being able to project the image onto the materiel and see it in the software is a great feature and will help a lot. I think that having some sort of feature like I described would be really valuable if your working on materiel that you can’t cut all the way through or that is already the finished size, and it is imperative that the design be centered, and aligned properly to the edges. I don’t even know if it’s possible, just throwing it out there!


Always happy for suggestions and ideas.

It’s through this feedback that we better understand what customers are needing / wanting to do.


Along the same lines as this thread, I was thinking it would be really cool if you guys could link the networking capability of the E2 with the on board camera so someone could remote monitor the operations of the E2 over their network? I know you are working on just making the camera work for positioning right now, but while reading a thread where someone set up a remote camera to monitor their laser from another room this idea popped into my head. Just some food for thought…this would be a really crazy cool feature if you could pull it off!



Do you have any screenshots of what the camera interface looks like?

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Hi Matthew,

Not yet. This is on its way currently as we complete the manufacturing and tooling aspects of the project.